Bridging Technology
to the Next Generation


Our Mission

  • Our Mission is bridging technology to the next generation.
  • We know Japanese manufacturers are respected all over the world.
  • We support business succession which is a critical issue for small and medium-sized manufacturers in Japan.  
  • NGTG is NOT a PE fund. We don't exit.
  • We provide support to our group companies on all issues. 
  • Members with experience in overseas business operations will provide strong support for overseas business expansion.

Our Policy

  • Speed - In a rapidly changing environment, we believe it is most important to respond quickly to our customers, those with whom we do business, and our group companies.
  • Positive - There are many challenges, but we believe that it is important to move forward, believing that there is always something to be gained beyond the difficulties.
  • Grit - We believe that in order to achieve big goals, it is important to stick to what we have decided to do once we have made up our mind to do it.

Our group

  • Toshima manufacturing 
    Parts Business - Automobile Parts Pressing
    Materials Systems Business - Chemical materials, mainly sputtering targets
  • Toyo Mark
    Resin printing, resin processing 
  • FA Shinka Technology
    Development and manufacture of automatic soldering machines, etc
  • MSC Manufacturing
    Manufacture and sale of sheet and coil material cutting machines
    (scrap cutters, fixed length cutters)
  • Shinohara Manufacturing
    Design and manufacture of processing and winding machines for high performance film, metal foil, paper, etc.
  • Kyowa Seiko
    Machining and cutting of parts for various industrial equipment
  • Kimpou Meltech
    Precision machining and welding (Metal processing)
  • Aero Craft Japan
    Manufacture of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) products
  • Amatori
    Ultra-precision machining
  • TIOK
    Manufacture of electrical equipment



Eiichi Arai

- Komaba Junior and Senior High School University of Tsukuba
- The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics

- Invested in mezzanine at Mizuho Securities
- Experience in acquisition and management of companies at 6 at INCJ
- Youngest director at INCJ , youngest age:27 ) auditor at a TSE listed company (Nihon Inter)
- Round-the-world investment trip (1.5Y)

- Founded NGTG in July 2018, supervising the acquisitions and value up activities
- Served as CEO of Toshima for 2 years, currently supporting the new CEO as a board member
- Board member of group companies
- Knowledge in IT and Web marketing

Yosuke Fujii

- Komaba Junior and Senior High School Tsukuba University
- Keio University, Faculty of Economics 

- Auditing and various accounting related advisory services as a JCPA at PwC
- Obtained the highest level of HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency
- Worked at Shanghai and Southeast Asia office s of Corporate Directions ,a strategy consulting firm
- Led the acquisition of Toshima
- Manage auto parts business of Toshima and led the growth of the Thai subsidiary as CEO

- Currently supervising accounting and financial division
- Business level English and Chinese. Conversational level Thai 

Aiko Horie

- Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Commerce and Management

- Involved in various fund raising projects (public offering, IPO , convertible bonds, real estate finance, securitization of
mortgage loans) at Mizuho Securities and supported client companies from proposal to execution.
- Worked at Mizuho Bank, where she was involved in the formulation of financial strategies and M&A proposal proposals for information and telecommunications related companies

- Lead acquisitions and providing financial support for group companies

Toshiyuki Ohashi

 - B.S., Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering
- M.S., Electronic Information Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

- Joined Goldman Sachs in 2000 and worked in the Investment Banking Division, advising on M&A and capital raising.
- In 2009, he Joined the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and experienced 7 investments in a wide range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations, and has participated in the management of these companies
- Joined NeoCarrier Inc. and was in charge of financial strategy, M&A, investor relations, investee monitoring, and listing preparations as an executive officer

- Management of Shinohara and leading acquisitions

Mari Hoshino

- Chuo University, Faculty of Commerce / Certified Public Accountant

- Joined PwC in 2007 and engaged in auditing and various accounting advisory services for foreign securities companies, domestic securities companies, and domestic banks in the Securities and Banking Division.
- In 2013, she joined Nomura Securities and was responsible for financial accounting, management accounting, and system implementation for Nomura Financial Products Services Co, the subsidiary of Nomura Securities. In 2017, she transferred Underwriting & Review Department and was responsible for IPO, various financing reviews for listed companies, and corporate bond issuance reviews for non residents.

- Financial support for group companies and preparing for listing of NGTG

Nobuhiro Hirai

- Rikkyo University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economic Policy / Certified Public Accountant

- In 2015, he joined EY and engaged in auditing mainly in the following areas for 4 years (1) Financial Instruments and Exchange Law audit (manufacturing industry, listed on (2) Semi financial and commercial law audit (real estate industry, preparation for listing and after listed on Mothers) (3) Corporate law audit (real estate industry, preparation for listing and then listing on
- Since 2019, he has been engaged in planning and management of audits of real estate and construction businesses under the Companies Act as a chief inspector

- Financial support for group companies and preparing for listing of NGTG

Koyo Ejiri

- B.A. in Law, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
- MBA of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business(CPA MBA)

- In 2005, he joined KPMG and engaged in accounting audits of listed companies (manufacturing, retail, etc.) and IT start-ups
- In 2010, he moved to the advisory division of KPMG and has been involved in a wide range of business reform projects in the areas of finance and accounting and corporate planning, mainly in the manufacturing industry,
as well as IFRS implementation and listing preparation support.

- Financial support for group companies and preparing for listing of NGTG

Kayo Terada

- Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, majoring in German.

- Joined Pasona Inc. as a new graduate. Engaged in mid career recruitment support for financial companies, and then transferred to the Human Resources Department, where he was in charge of new graduate and mid career recruitment,
training, and organizational development.
- Joined Cancer Scan Inc. Based on the government's Data Health Plan, she supported the planning and implementation
of health projects by local governments using medical data.
- Prior to joining NGTG , engaged in mid career recruitment at an IT company

- Supporting for hiring, workforce management and establishing education and training systems for group companies

Taiga Suzuki

- Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Commerce
- Studied at Ludwig Maximilians Universität München

- Involved in promotion of acquisitions and industry analysis as an intern in NGTG while still in university
- Joined Mizuho Securities and worked in Investment Banking Divisions, advising and supporting M&A transactions for financial institutions and social infrastructure companies

- Management of Kyowa and leading acquisitions

Keiko Ando

- Science(Matematics/Mathematical Science),Kyoto University/CPA

-Engaged in implementation of financial accounting system at Kyoto Prefectural Government
-Engaged in auditing and management consulting for SMEs at an accounting firm
-Joined in FUJIMI INCORPORATED, a listed company at TSE Prime market, in 2011.Leading various initiatives at its accounting department,including closing books, tax reporting, transfer pricing taxation measures, and disclosures, as well as launching an overseas subsidiary and implementing an expense reimbursement system

Toshiyuki Shiga

- Chairman, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan INCJ

- After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Osaka Prefecture University, he joined Nissan Motor Co. After serving as General Manager of the Jakarta Office and Planning Office, he led the planning of the Nissan Revival Plan and the alliance with Renault as General Manager of the Alliance Promotion Office. Later, he served as Chief Operating Officer COO) and Representative Director
- Appointed Chairman of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan in 2015
-Served as Vice President of Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) and Chairman of Japan
Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

- A non-executive  director of NGTG

Yasuo Kogure

- B.A. in Political Science and Economics, Waseda University / Tax Accountant

- Engaged in corporate accounting and tax advisory services at auditing firms and accounting offices.
- Subsequently involved in strengthening management systems and preparing for listing as a full-time auditor in multiple companies.

-  A full-time auditor at NGTG

Anri Niwa

- B.A. in Commerce, Waseda University

- Engaged in corporate tax investigations at the Investigation Department and Tax Office of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.
Transferred to IT department, in charge of e-Tax development, implementation of new systems, and procurement of IT infrastructure

-  A full-time auditor at NGTG

Masatoshi Iwama

- Engineering, Meiji University
- Specially Appointed Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology
- Former Representative Director of Iwama Kogyosho
- After working for PENTAX and its U.S. research institute, .Joined Iwama Kogyosho.
Converted from a subcontract parts manufacturer to a machine tool manufacturer.
- Former researcher at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering,

- An auditor at NGTG

Mieko Okita

 - L.B., Faculty of Law, Chuo University
- Partner at the law firm Shimada Hamba Osajima.
- She was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 2013 after several years working as a public prosecutor.
- During her time as a prosecutor, she was involved in investigation and trial of financial and other crimes. She also had a secondment at the innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) as a compliance officer.
- After admission to practice as a lawyer, she has engaged in business law matters.

- An auditor at NGTG

Masaru Tange (Advisor)

- President and CEO of SHIFT Inc
- Kyoto University Graduated school of Mechanical Engineering and Science

- He joined INX Corporation (now SOLIZE Corporation). He led the consulting division, growing it from just 3 pe ople to 140
people and sales: 5B JPY in 5 year
- After working as a manager of the consulting division of INX , he established SHIFT Inc in Sep 2005 . He became president
and representative director . At 2019, SHIFT was changed from the TSE Mothers t to the TSE First Section in October 2019
In order to create a social infrastructure company for the "realization of a smart society", he lead s SHIFT to a higher level in terms of corporate phase and corporate value, and lead its progress.

Ryuichi Shiomi

- B.A. in Law, the University of Tokyo
- M.A. in Law, University of Tokyo

- In 2010, he Joined Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
- Columbia University School of Law (LL.M., Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar)(2015-2016)
- Worked in the Sydney office of the English law firm Ashurst LLP(2016- 2017)
- In 2017, he admitted to the New York State Bar
- Engaged in dozens of buy out transactions by PE funds, M&A/TOB/Corporate restructuring among listed companies, cross border M&A venture capital investment, handling of shareholders meetings, and notification of business combination (compliance with Antimonopoly Act)



Basic Company Information

Next Generation Technology Group (NGTG)

CEO and Founder : Eiichi Arai
Director : Aiko Horie
Outside Director : Toshiyuki Shiga
Executive Officer : Yosuke Fujii
Auditor : Yauo Kogure
Auditor : Anri Niwa
Auditor : Masatoshi Iwama
Auditor : Mieko Okita

Establishment Date : 9th July 2018
Shibuya, Tokyo

Our Business

We invest in small and medium-sized manufacturers in Japan.
We don't exit.

Difference from PE fund

No need to sell

We are committed to supporting the growth of the companies we acquire in perpetuity.
Basically, we do NOT re-transfer our group companies.

Strong in IT

We will utilize existing IT services to improve operational efficiency. We also build our own production management systems.
We are also working on visualization of production status through the use of IoT and automated inspection through the use of AI.

A package of support measures

Unlike PE funds that invest in all industries, we only invest in manufacturing companies, allowing us to pursue synergies among group companies.
We have introduced the NGTG Growth Program (NGP), a structured growth support program tailored to each company, to promote customer introductions, engineer exchanges, joint purchasing, joint development, and the provision of back-office functions.

Difference from manufacturers

Respect the history

We will keep the corporate name and brand name alive. We respect and honor the history and aspirations of our group companies.

Not fire employees

In the case of a takeover by manufacturers, there may be restructuring of overlapping divisions. We do not lay off employees.

Not parent and children,
but Group

In the case of acquisitions by companies in the same industry, a parent-subsidiary relationship may arise. We consider each transferee company to be the main actor and an important member of the group.


Anyone is welcome to contact us, including manufacturers and advisors.
We are looking forward to growing together with you, our group of companies, and all those who have business with us, as well as those who are interested in transferring.

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